Transformative Soul Work provides you with a truly empowering opportunity to heal and grow in ways that allow you to create and nurture an authentic connection to yourself and the world around you. This heartfelt approach to healing invites you to resolve pain from grief and loss, let go of limiting beliefs and behavior patterns, and transcend victimhood in order to retrieve personal power and soul essence that are lost to life experiences and the external world.

Transformative Soul Work is very dynamic and is always personalized to fit where you are on your journey so that we move at your pace. It is also highly efficient in healing and resolving areas of challenge in a short period of time. Most clients find resolution and change is often significantly noticed and experienced in three to six sessions of work. It is ideal for those who are open and willing to step out of their stories to explore the truth of who they are while healing the aspects of themselves that block their capacity for inner joy and peace.

During sessions you will be guided through a deep experience of integrative healing that may involve all or some of the following elements: Alternative Therapeutic Practices, Reiki and The Healthy Grieving Process, a healing modality that compassionately and effectively allows people to heal from grief and loss. The Healthy Grieving Process guides people through feeling feelings, transcending victim roles, and uncovering and owning the unconscious aspects of themselves for the purpose of letting go of the pain associated with grief and loss. 

Healing ourselves and embodying our true nature is a sacred process; it is an unfolding. It is also life changing and something we must be ready for. Three questions to consider...

  1. "Do I want to heal?"
  2. "Am I willing and open to step out of my stories and patterns to discover and live my truth?"
  3. "Am I open to the changes that will manifest by living in alignment with my truth?" 

If the answer to these questions are yes, then we think you will find enormous gifts through our work together.

*Clients who are open and ready to work typically only need only two to six sessions to resolve their intended area of healing. Sessions typically last 90 minutes, while occasionally going over or under depending on the work being done. We will always discuss and establish any time limitations you may have at the beginning of sessions to assure the most healing and complete experience possible. 

Cost per session: $115

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