"My time spent with Adam was my first experience with Reiki and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I came to see Adam to address chronic pain and finished several sessions with a completely different outcome: discovering deep rooted emotional barriers that I never once thought could be connected to my health issues. Not only was/is my experience with Reiki and Adam the most relaxing type of therapy I've encountered (more than Acupuncture/Massage, etc. for me personally), it took me to higher level of understanding that body, mind and soul are all one, affecting each other and the world around us and within us.

Adam's confident, gentle approach allowed me to feel welcome and comfortable, as if I was receiving a truly comprehensive healing: both mentally and physically therapeutic. I think about things differently and approach my life more spiritually/consciously since my experience with Adam and The Soul's Thread. I highly recommend Reiki and Adam for any type of healing needed. The journey may take you to places you never thought you needed to go. Thanks Adam." - T.B., Denver, CO

"My biggest concern in coming to The Soul's Thread was how I would be able to reconcile shamanic work and alternative healing with my strict religious upbringing. I can now see with open eyes that there are so many different paths to healing and peace with the creator than I ever imagined.

I came seeking peace and answers to some questions in my life and relationship issues. I was at a crossroads and didn't know how to proceed or to trust in my own decisions and instinct. I chose this approach because what I had been doing wasn't working, and I was open and willing to try something new. I find that I am owning more of my decisions I have made in the past and not blaming anyone outside of me for my experiences. I would recommend anyone try this type of healing, and I think that this work can be beneficial for those who are willing to be open and vulnerable. I found the environment calm and peaceful and not once did I feel judged or unworthy. You couldn't ask for a better companion/guide on the path of healing." - Pamela, Washington, DC

"When beginning my healing process with Adam, I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to take my mind out of the equation; that fear was quickly resolved. After about 20 minutes I found it easy to really drop in and focus on doing the work, letting the good come in. I have been using Reiki and Shamanic Healing to focus on opening my energetic body to receiving and allowing stuck energy to release, while inviting my mind to calm and my soul’s purpose to step forward.

 Since working with Adam, my energy has sky-rocketed, and I can truly feel a shift in my being; my soul has been revitalized. I leave each session feeling rejuvenated, happy, and on a mission!! The best part is the feeling lasts!

I would recommend this work for everyone. Even if you are not feeling ready to dive into this kind of work, then you will be after your first session. When working with Adam I feel safe to explore, dive deep, and play big. I found myself experiencing things that I didn’t know I could. The safe and warm environment helped allow me to be open in my heart. I found this really powerful, and it made all the difference." -Gina P. Denver,CO

I originally went to Adam for reiki healing, which I had experienced in both Europe and Asia, as I felt my life needed healing and direction from within in order to manifest without.  I immediately found Adam to be a warm, caring and intuitive healer, who created a safe space that enabled me to be open, honest and a participant in my own healing.  After a few months, our healing work took another path, as Adam used a sensitive and intuitive technique called The Healthy Grieving Process to help me with grief therapy at the loss of my mother over three years previously.   Through this journey I was able to verbalize things that I probably knew about myself, yet had kept hidden or just below the surface as protection, although these had not served my needs.  Through this emotional, yet insightful and truly healing experience, I can now smile, which I had forgotten to do, and remember my mother and all the wonderful times and moments we shared as a family, and not carry the desperately heavy heartache of loss.   I always leave Adam’s reiki and healing sessions feeling lighter, and with a renewed invigorated sense that I could do anything or be anything, and face any challenge that might come my way. -A.L. Denver, CO

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