Shamanism is not a religion or exclusive to any one group of people; it is something that belongs to ALL of us; it is a way of viewing life and its great mysteries. It is a practice of the HEART. Shamanism acknowledges that everything and every being is made of spirit or universal divine energy and that all of spirit is connected to the web of life, to oneness. With an openness and willingness in the heart we are able to access this web in order to heal and learn by the way of shamanic journey.

In our practice and lineage we use the beat of a drum or the sound of rattles to journey into the greater web of life within and around us to connect with medicine and guidance in order to heal ourselves and to learn how to live from our hearts and from our true selves; to learn how to live in rhythm with ALL LIFE including our planet.             

It is a shaman’s view that illness begins in the soul and that soul sickness or spiritual illness manifests in our physical bodies as disease, physical pain, emotional pain, energetic blocks and invasions, and many other forms of distress. Shamanic healing is a way to heal on a soul level using dynamic,  beautiful, and compassionate techniques to call the soul home. We use shamanic healing practices to help you find wholeness. We also teach and guide people on how to journey in order to access the deeper wisdom of their souls.