Reiki, Energy Work, Shamanic Healing, Intuitive Readings, Space Clearings

The Soul's Thread, Denver, CO

  "Creating space for growth and transformation through self-empowered healing..."


Reiki/ Energy Healing

Reiki is a type of energy medicine that uses a gentle healing touch technique that channels universal energy to create relaxation, restoration, and balance in the body, mind, and spirit. The term comes from the Japanese words “rei,” which translates into universal, and “ki,” which means vital life force energy that flows through all living things; it is not tied to any specific religion or nationality. Reiki is healing for physical, emotional, and/or spiritual distress. Many people discover that Reiki is even more relaxing than a massage, and clients find themselves feeling a sense of clarity, lightheartedness, and balance after receiving treatments. People also find that aches and pains in the body are alleviated through this type of energetic bodywork. Reiki works in many wonderful ways!

Reiki and healing touch are the foundation for energy healing at The Soul's Thread. Shamanic healing techniques, sound healing with mantra, crystal healing, creative visualization, and guided meditation may be woven into the sessions depending on the practitioner and the unique needs and preferences of the client. We engage clients in thoughtful conversation and self-inquiry in order to help them establish meaningful and relevant intentions for the work. Karyn and Adam believe that the power to heal as well as the courage to make important life changes lie within each of us, and sometimes we need support and encouragement for that growth to occur; these sessions provide such support. 

Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is a practice of the heart. Shamanic practices enable us to access the unseen worlds in order to help us fully embody our souls and discover our life purpose. It is a shaman’s view that illness begins in the soul and that soul sickness or spiritual illness manifests in our physical bodies as disease, physical pain, emotional pain, energetic blocks and invasions, and many other forms of distress. Shamanic practitioners connect with the spirit world to remedy and heal soul sickness, which helps clients cultivate harmony, balance, and overall well-being in their lives. Adam works to reconnect clients with their spirit, true-self, and true nature in order to help them repair and develop their relationship with the natural world. The results are invaluable and come in many different blessings. A shamanic healing session can bring insight and healing to illness, life purpose, voids we feel in everyday life, learning how to be in relationship with nature, and many, many other areas of life and healing. Adam uses techniques such as divination, soul retrieval, power retrieval, and extraction of foreign energy and negative thought form.

In addition to shamanic healing sessions Adam also provides shamanic journey lessons to clients who are looking to develop their own shamanic journey skills. Adam's training is in core shamanism, which uses monotonous, rhythmic drumming to reach a theta state of consciousness. Learning to journey is a powerful tool for self healing and enlightenment.

For a brief introduction to shamanism and an explanation of healing techniques used by Adam refer to the following articles...

Gentle Yoga & Reiki/ Energy Work 

In these sessions Karyn will create a gentle and restorative yoga practice tailored and personalized to meet your physical and energetic needs. Reiki and energy work are weaved into the physical practice. An extended savasana with guided meditation will allow for additional hands on energy work and deep relaxation. The combination of these two practices help to create and restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. This is a great way to learn how to practice yoga in a gentle way that supports your unique body!

Shamanic Healing and Reiki/ Intuitive Energy Work

In these sessions Karyn and Adam work together as a team to create a safe and healing environment for you to explore all aspects of the modalities offered by The Soul's Thread. It is so supportive to have a team of people working with you to help facilitate your healing process. Karyn and Adam guide you through energy work and shamanic healing in ways that will be most beneficial for you so that you can experience profound shifts in your life that support your personal growth and healing. We love working together to find creative ways to help you, which will be transparent in your session!

Herbal Foot Soak with Grounding Reiki/ Energy Work

Using fresh products from the Earth made locally at MoonDance Botanicals, these foot soaks incorporate herbs, salts, and essential oils to provide some love to your hardworking feet! Grounding is an essential part of our health; when we feel more connected to the Earth we tend to be less stressed out, less occupied with our frantic minds, and more aware of our bodies, which results in better overall health. Giving attention to your feet and root chakra is one of the best ways to reestablish a strong connection to the Earth. These sessions begin with a healing foot soak to help bring energy back into your feet. Reiki is applied to the body as you are guided through a centering meditation. A scrub is then used to further enhance energy flow into the root chakra and feet. The session ends with soothing lotion for the feet and more energy work! Enjoy this service by itself or as an add on to a full Reiki/ Energy Work session. Watch this video to learn more about the healing effects of grounding, earthing video

Relax and Transform: A 1/2 Day Retreat

Settle in at The Soul's Thread for a mini retreat personalized just for you. Whether you need to release stress and chill out or focus on a more specific healing intention, this retreat will leave you feeling centered and grounded on your path! Nutritious snacks, hot tea, and water are provided throughout the session. Here's what your day will look like...

  • ~15 minute consultation to set your intentions for the day
  • ~60 minutes of gentle yoga or guidance on connecting with your spirit guides
  • ~75 minutes of Reiki and Energy Work
  • ~30 minute foot bath with foot pampering & grounding energy work
  • closing meditation to leave you feeling complete and whole

Intuitive Readings 

Intuitive readings are a wonderful way for you to gain insight and clarity around you unique life circumstances. Psychic techniques, shamanic journey, and oracle cards are used in these sessions to empower clients to heal and grow in various areas of their lives!

Space Clearings:

House and business clearings/ healings help  to restore natural harmony and peace to your living and working environments. Clearings involve removing foreign energy from the land, space, and surrounding environments as well as restoring and and revitalizing the energy of your home or business. Space clearings are healing for you and also for the land. When we live or work in an energetically clean environment then we begin to experience more abundance and positive experiences in those spaces.