What To Expect

Along my own path of healing and self-exploration, and the years I have spent working with clients, I have come to realize that the most pervasive illness among us is the disconnection from our true-selves; the self that lies beneath all the stories and falsehoods that we tell ourselves about who we are. We create these stories as a way to define and individualize, but most often these stories wind up limiting us from experiencing the fullness of life.

Everyone has their own experience of suffering and everyone’s path toward healing is uniquely their own. By way of honoring that, I work with each and every client in a way that is custom fit to their individual needs. When our work together begins, we will take the time to thoroughly unpack what it is that you would like to begin working on. From there we will assess which direction would be in your best interest to take.

I work with you one-on-one. Sessions typically last one and a half to two hours on a bi-weekly basis. While it is common that I work with clients for some time in which to continually explore and delve deeper, you will begin to see dramatic changes within four to six sessions. This time is dependent on your readiness to open and to move into the work. 

Each tool that I use, be it Reki, Shamanic Journey, or Grief Resolution come with their own individual gifts and are inherently flexible. While each modality is different, they all work toward a common goal, to guide one toward self-realization and to provide healing on a very deep level.

Each of these practices ask that you come in with an open heart and open mind. My success with this practice has been reliant on having the courage to look inside, on being willing to take full responsibility for oneself, and the relentless search of truth. I ask that you honor yourself and your work in the same way.