• Do you feel yourself limited by the stories you tell yourself about who you are?
  • Do you have difficulty understanding who you are in relationship to the world around you?
  • Do you find yourself stumbling through the many transitions life throws your way, including the pain and suffering associated with loss? 


Welcome to The Soul's Thread. I work with Reiki and other energy based modalities, Therapy and Grief Resolution Practices to open my clients to a deep sense of self-awareness and understanding. I will help you to move beyond self-limitation and story to experience freedom and life without self-prescribed restriction. We will look at how to take full responsibility in how you show up in life. I will provide you with the tools to meet grief, loss and transition with a sense of grace and ease.

My focus is guiding you toward your inner-truth in a way that leaves you feeling comforted and held. I believe the experience of growth requires the time to fully understand those changes being made and that an allowance for these changes to integrate is crucial. It is important to me that you be allowed to move at your own pace and that an environment that feels safe and supportive is maintained.  


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