Right here, right now, with all of your heart, simply say to your soul… I am ready.
— Sera Beak
Karyn and Adam - owners and healers at The Soul's Thread  

Karyn and Adam - owners and healers at The Soul's Thread


  • How can you best care for your body, mind, and spirit?
  • How can you feed your soul? 
  • What energy do you need to release and/ or reclaim to create space for happiness and balance?
  • How can you experience more joy and fulfillment from life?
  • What is your bigger purpose in this life?
  • How can you feel more supported?

We want to help you not only answer these questions and others like them, but also help you begin to live and breathe from a place of deeper purpose, meaning, balance, and clarity no matter where you are on your life journey! We live in a society and culture that often encourages us to look to the external world for joy and happiness. We, instead, guide you to your internal world to find the peace and stability your soul desires. The Soul’s Thread works with your soul’s energetic makeup so that you can feel more connected, more alive, and more “whole.” You see each of us has an energy field that serves as an ancient roadmap of who we truly are on a soul level. This roadmap is the key to joy and personal fulfillment.  Best of all you learn to navigate life from a state of mind that is less stressed out,  more flexible to change, and more interested in experiencing life first hand! All of our offerings, energy workshamanic healingpsychic readings, and space clearings, involve integrating the energy field with guidance and heart-centered healing channeled from the world of spirit and the vast energies of the Universe. Our practices are not based on any religion or dogmatic beliefs, but instead encompass the beauty of our connection to nature and the unseen world. To us the word “heal” means to create a state of peace and balance within the body and mind that encourages a more copasetic inner landscape to face the challenges of life. It is our belief that we could all use a little more inner peace and balance these days, and we enjoy working with people from all different walks of life in all different stages of the journey!

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