Reiki, Energy Work, Shamanic Healing, Intuitive Readings, Space Clearings

The Soul's Thread, Denver, CO

  "Creating space for growth and transformation through self-empowered healing..."


Reiki, Energy Work, Shamanic Healing, Intuitive Readings, Space Clearings

The Soul's Thread is an integrative healing practice that offers Reiki and energy work, shamanic healing, intuitive readings, and space clearings.These practices can help you gain invaluable tools for establishing and maintaining self-care, emotional intelligence, and connection to your authentic life path, while inviting you to deepen your relationship to your spiritual, physical, emotional, and environmental health. The practitioners at The Soul's Thread are committed to empowering you on your path of healing, personal growth, and transformation!


Our name, The Soul's Thread, is inspired by the imagery of the soul's infinite energetic makeup being woven together to offer it's full grace and power to the physical body and spirit, allowing for the limitless magic and raw beauty that life offers each of us!

Reiki Master, Intuitive

Karyn Seitz- Shamanic Energy Healer and Medium

Karyn is passionate about offering heart centered healing that is creative, transformational, and rewarding to her clients. Using an integrative and holistic approach, she blends reiki and energy work, yogic philosophy, angel healing, intuitive gifts, guided meditation, and connection to spirit to help clients manage physical, emotional, and spiritual stress. Clients benefit from her approach by gaining clarity, purpose, and balance in their bodies and lives. Karyn has an open heart and insightful clarity that gracefully eases people into the powerful work that the healing arts are able to provide. She has worked with people needing help with sleep issues, chronic and acute stress, anxiety, depression, physical pain and discomfort, life transitions, and healing old emotional wounds and trauma. Her passion to empower others to engage in their own healing process is ignited by her own path of personal healing and the transformations she witnesses through therapy, energy work, shamanic healing, and yoga. Karyn's favorite part of helping others is witnessing their joy and excitement when they begin to experience positive shifts in their lives. She is constantly humbled by the power and effectiveness of this work!

Karyn is currently completing a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health Care at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Karyn is a certified Reiki Master under the Usui tradition. She is also a certified yoga teacher through Samadhi Center for Yoga and Meditation. Karyn embraces her soul, Mother Earth, and the world of spirit as her primary teachers and is fully engaged in her own life journey in order to share what she learns along the way!

Direct line for Karyn: 303-949-6952

Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner

Adam Seitz - Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master

Adam discovered shamanic healing arts on his own journey of self-healing. During his first shamanic healing session, he felt a profound connection with the practice. By exploring this path he has found centeredness, a reconnection with his true self, and a passion for this work and its ability to provide empowerment and self-realization. By weaving together powerful and transformative shamanic and Reiki techniques, Adam conducts his practice with integrity, openness, and compassion. He will aid you in bringing insight and awareness into your life. He patiently guides others in deepening and re-establishing their connection to true self, spirit, and truth. Through his own experiences with shamanism and energy work, Adam has witnessed that such practices are most beneficial to those who are ready to engage in their own healing process by open heartedly embracing the changes that will undoubtedly lead to more clarity, peace, and fulfillment from life. Adam is currently studying advanced shamanic healing techniques under the guidance and mentorship of Julie Kramer and Julie Davis in Boulder, CO. 

Direct line for Adam: 303-881-1358

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