"Right here, right now, with all of your heart, simply say to your soul… I am ready." - Sera Beak

Karyn and Adam of The Soul's Thread  

Karyn and Adam of The Soul's Thread


Welcome to The Soul’s Thread! We are a therapeutic healing practice offering Transformative Soul Work, an integrative energy and emotional healing modality. Transformative Soul Work teaches you how to create change in your life by helping you move past grief and loss, feeling stuck, victim roles, repressed emotions, and limiting behavior patterns. This type of self-growth and healing results in self-awareness, wholeness as a person from the inside out, and the ability to live in alignment with your authentic self. We know its effectiveness not just from working with others but also because we are experiencing incredible shifts in ourselves by using the same methods we use with clients. One of the unique aspects of Transformative Soul Work is that it is effective and efficient; most clients who are open and intentional with the process see resolution and change within one to three sessions. Benefits from Clients' Experiences

We also offer Reiki and Energy Healing, which is a wonderful way to open to your body's natural ability to heal itself.  Reiki sessions are a gentle place to begin if you are new to self-healing work. 

We are so honored to guide you towards making profound and life changing shifts which will lead you to true inner peace and fulfillment on your journey! 

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