Right here, right now, with all of your heart, simply say to your soul… I am ready.
— Sera Beak
Adam and Karyn - owners and practitioners at The Soul's Thread

Adam and Karyn - owners and practitioners at The Soul's Thread

Welcome to The Soul’s Thread! We are a therapeutic healing practice offering Transformative Soul Work, an integrative energy and emotional healing modality that promotes change, holistic well-being, and self-awareness.

Transformative Soul Work guides you towards creating change within yourself so that you can move forward in life with clarity, motivation, and courage. Our approach allows you to effectively resolve pain from grief and loss, heal unconscious aspects of the self, and let go of victim mentality and limiting behavior patterns. You become empowered to retrieve the missing parts of yourself so that you become whole as a person from the inside out.

 Beneficial For...

  • healing & resolving pain from grief & loss

  • getting "unstuck" in life

  • relationship struggles & transitions

  • life transitions

  • finding satisfaction in yourself & in life  

  • personal growth & development

Our roots are in energy medicine, and therefore we also skillfully facilitate  Reiki and Energy Healing Sessions. Energy healing as a stand alone service is a wonderful way to open to your body's natural ability to heal itself so that you can ease into deeper work. It is also an effective way to get grounded and centered. 

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